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Educational Therapy

An educational therapist is a professional who combines educational and therapeutic approaches for instructional support and communication/advocacy on behalf of people with learning disabilities or learning challenges.

At Learning Specialist LLC, we provide support to elementary-aged students in a variety of areas including reading, comprehension, written expression, and organizational skills. Our approach is student-centered and empowers students to develop their identities as learners. Our students feel more confident and make measurable progress in their academic skills and ability to use learning strategies at home and in school.

Young Students


  • Intake session *New clients only*: 50-minute session where coach and client work together to identify needs, develop goals, and agree on guidelines for our work together

  • Session communication: session notes will be sent via email after every session and will include the link to the notes with resources/tools (if applicable) and next steps

  • Session length & frequency: 50 minutes per session. We recommend that professional coaching sessions be spaced no more than 1 month apart and executive function coaching happen at weekly intervals (1-2 times per week, more frequently for younger clients and clients new to coaching), though the frequency of sessions is determined by the client and the coach

  • Location: Online, via Zoom

  • Scheduling: professional clients can either schedule their package sessions at the intake meeting or via Calendly, student clients will have their session schedule set at the intake session 

  • Additional sessions: Additional sessions with your coach can be arranged and purchased depending on the availability of your coach (see fees section for details). If you know you will want more than the minimum sessions, we encourage you to purchase multiple packages.

Personal Diary

Join our coaching program to feel empowered and achieve your goals.

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