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Coaching is both a process and a relationship that helps people achieve their goals. At Learning Specialist LLC, we cultivate professional and personal growth through structured, empathetic, and goal-driven conversations. We help students and professionals identify areas for growth, set achievable goals, and offer tools and resources to engage with the coaching process in a meaningful way.


Why Coaching?


Set action-oriented goals that align with your values. Stay on track with the support of an uplifting and dedicated coach who wants to see you succeed. 


Honor the wholeness of your identities in the context of your lived experience as we explore different approaches to achieving your goals. 


Develop the insight and capacity you need to shift your mindset and transform your intentions into action.


Executive Function Coaching

For middle and high school aged students who want to learn strategies to develop a more organized approach to "doing school".

Professional Equity Coaching

For professionals who want to better understand privilege, oppression, and how to address inequity in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Personal Diary

Join our coaching program to feel empowered and achieve your goals.

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