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I acknowledge and honor the Ohlone and Chochenyo people whose land I occupy. I also acknowledge that this country would not exist without the enslavement of Black people. I honor the ancestral knowledge, culture, and contributions of these peoples and their incredible resilience despite the violent impact of white supremacy on their communities. I am committed to working in solidarity with our local indigenous and Black communities as we pursue our common goal towards social justice.

Action & Accountability

I am a non-Native person who currently resides and works on this land we call Oakland. It was originally called Huichin territory and is home to the Ohlone people, the original stewards of this land. I am committed to uplifting the name of these lands and community members from these Nations who reside alongside us. 

As a non-native settler, I understand that land acknowledgments are empty acts of performative allyship if I do not have an ongoing and healthy relationship with the land, waters, and indigenous communities where I reside. I am committed to the following ongoing actions:

Sample Emails

Here are some examples of ways that I have attempted to bring awareness and "calls to action" to people and organizations I work with. Please feel free to adapt or edit for your purposes if you wish.

Sample email to families


Sample email to administrators

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