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Learning Specialist LLC 



Our learning specialists provide coaching to students and professionals who want a personalized approach to facing challenges, building skills, and achieving their goals.

What Clients Say
Thank you so much, Alyson, for your help and support. Our sonʻs school life changed completely after you started working with him. He became more confident, grew thicker skin, and accepted himself for who he was. We canʻt express how grateful we are!

- Parents of 9th grade student

How It Works

At Learning Specialist LLC, our processes and services are client-centered by design.

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Onboarding Session

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Notes

Meet with us to discuss your needs and get your questions answered about our coaching services.

The coach meets with the client 1-1 to discuss coaching goals and preferences to develop a coaching plan.

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes and happen online 1-2 times per week.

Coaches send a brief summary of their notes to clients after every session. This practice helps clients and coaches track important next steps, helpful strategies, and progress towards meeting coaching goals.

Dr. Alyson Kaneshiro (she/her) is the founder and primary coach at Learning Specialist LLC. Our mission is to provide high-quality coaching support to students who are experiencing difficulty in school, despite their best efforts.


In her work as a Bay Area Learning Specialist, Dr. Kaneshiro has developed a coaching method that incorporates highly effective tools and strategies that are personalized to her clients needs. Clients in middle and high school are taught how to navigate the "hidden curriculum" of staying organized in school (managing to do lists, multiple communication streams from teachers, due dates, studying for tests, and keeping track of digital and paper-pencil assignments.). Our coaching approach demystifies the "how" of learning and our clients gain the confidence they need to grow their toolkit of skills and strategies, while fostering their self-efficacy and agency.


Dr. Kaneshiro also offers coaching for educators through CATDC, helping educators identify areas for growth, set achievable goals, and transform thier practice.

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